People will leave you and you won't always be prepared. The change hits me every time I glimpse at the film that my mother keeps on her dressing table. It’s an image of my sister, my cousins and I embracing each other and grinning as if we were trying to break our jaws. Back then, play dates with my cousins were a blast, playing with dolls and crying for the TV remote was the usual and family gathering were stacked with food. In school, one could never have too many best-friends and falling outs over pencil crayons only lasted a day. Now, things a very different. We've grown up and grown out of each other. We're consumed with our current affairs and are embarking on our own personal journeys. There’s nothing wrong with this.

People have left in more ways than one. The best-friends that I once had are much like strangers now and there are others that I wish I’d never met. A few years ago, I was taken aback after adding a old friend to my friends list on Facebook. I had met her in primary school and had completely forgotten that she exists! She looked completely different and had moved away long before.

One morning, I was made aware that a friend was involved in a fatal accident. More than often, I have had to remind myself that it was impossible for me to see that person again during the summer or send them a funny message in my down time. They were gone.

The most troubling experience was loosing someone to mental illness. Physically, they are here but mentally, something isn't quite right. The voices that they hear block the ones that are real. Their mind is confused so the real them is lost.

We are taught many things in school but many lessons are learnt outside of that facility. How do you teach someone to prepare to lose someone close? How do you teach yourself to do the same? How do you wake up one day knowing that someone who has been with you all your life is gone and then find peace.

You don’t prepare to lose people, you cherish them while they are with you as if they’ll never leave. Peace of mind comes with time.