On the day that I wore this outfit, I woke up feeling incredibly blissful. My recent purchases from rainbowshops.com had arrived a few days prior and I was rather satisfied with the items I received. I already knew what I wanted to wear with my new pink solid crepe knit zip top but I wanted to add a  statement piece to complete the ensemble. The day before I got dressed up, I finally found the motivation to sew a wire headband that would go perfectly with the rest of my predetermined attire. The multicoloured tribal fabric was easily one of the prettiest fabrics I had ever seen and I was eager to get home and start my little DIY project. 

I woke up feeling fresh, new and excited to document my latest look in photographs. I was on a high until an incident altered my mood almost drastically. I was a pity party for the remainder of the day. That weekend, I had a talk with a friend of mine who is much older and experienced than I. After explaining my predicament, I was certain that he would have empathized and provided comfort. He didn’t. With a steady mind and an objective point of view, he let me have it straight. 

The talk made me realize that the encounter that left me in a mood wasn’t the reason why my day ended on a low. I was the one who allowed the encounter to affect me personally. I handled my problem in an immature way which could have easily lead to my downfall. 

I would be lucky if each day goes as I envisioned during my breaks in bed but I must remember that life isn’t always fair. In fact, no one promised me that it would. However, I am in control of my emotions and only I can control how I allow external pressures affect me internally. 

"Don't let the nasty buggers get you down folks"