Besides Kipling stores, I have a soft spot for bags sold by vendors stationed at the docks and in the Craft Market. What’s better than finding a new treasure to add to my indigenous bag collection? Being offered a “student discount” though I graduated from high school eons ago.

These indigenous bags have no tags or designer emblems but in my mind, they’re worth far more than those sold by fashion moguls. To harvest a calabash plant (bashee), let it dry, carve it out and transform it into a bag covered with flowers, birds and insects that depict a story – that is something magical. It feels like my money and painkillers are being stored in an artist’s portable canvas.

 My latest embroidered bag is far smaller than its predecessor but is more suitable for an evening out. As I loathe carrying items in my hand for long periods, I often leap towards cross-the-body bags and backpacks. Then and therefore, I am always aware of where everything is…strapped around my chest.

What type of bags do you prefer?

Defining your personal style requires a lot of self-examination. One of the best ways to achieve this is by paying attention to your current wardrobe. What items do you wear/use the most? Once you have separated the used from the unused, you will waste less money buying products that remain untouched.