I have been to Trappas a few times in the past for birthdays and group outings. It is located in the restaurant hotspot in English Harbour, Antigua, West Indies and is famed for its inexpensive meals. You can literally get a three course meal for a little over $100.00 EC. Should you choose to skip appetizer or dessert, you’ll barely make it to $100.00 EC. This weekend, I decided to go once again so that my date would be able to experience it for himself since, he had never been. 

The Location:
The restaurant is located in English Harbour, Antigua, West Indies, and is among many other restaurants, bars and clubs. Although it cannot be seen from the restaurant, there is a beautiful waterfront where many boats are docked and a large parking area is immediately in front of the dock. 

Preserving a reservation is only a phone call away. Walk-ins are accepted but customers are encouraged to make reservations before especially during their busiest times of the year. 

The Ambiance, Dress Code and Seating Areas:
Trappas is not the most attractive restaurant. The moment you step into the entrance you will see that it is rather casual in many aspects. There is no need for you to wear high heels or a long sequenced dress. Many customers arrive in slippers and shorts while others may go a little extra because they are in a celebratory mood. 

The building itself is not large but it isn't too small. The restaurant offers a few sitting areas outside and many more inside the establishment. A great utilization of space. Each time that I’ve been to the restaurant, I have witnessed the celebration of someone’s birthday. The staff would reserve areas arranged to seat a large group of people suitable for the joyous occasion and a Happy Birthday banner can be seen hanging above the tables. Yet, many other groups of customers are able to sit comfortably around their designated tables all over the restaurant. 

The building is a private enclosed space and there is no view from the inside out. However, the restaurant does not have an air conditioning unit. Instead, small revolving fans are placed close to the ceiling. Although I was not hot this time around, I was sweating during a previous visit. This was a major turn off for me. The lights on the inside are dimmed to offer a romantic vibe. 

The Menu:
The restaurant’s menu is very diverse. There are many things for you to choose for appetizer, entrees, dessert and from the bar. I usually get excited about their appetizers and would rather order as many as possible. My go to drinks are coconut crush and coconut smoothies. 

The Price:
As I mentioned earlier, Trappas is one of the most affordable restaurants on the island. If you want to dine on a budget, this is usually the go-to place that everyone recommends. You can order a three course meal containing appetizer, entrees with sides, dessert and a drink for just over $100.00 EC. Should you choose to skip a course or two, you will fall below the $100.00 EC mark. 

Staff and Serving Time:
The staff are usually very polite, friendly and willing and ready to assist. They are quick to take your order and return with your freshly prepared meals but they offer just enough time for customers to hold a meaningful conversations among themselves. Don’t be afraid to ask a member of staff to take your photo with your phones and cameras. 

Their food is tasty and consistent, another reason why many people choose to go there for dinner parties and dinner dates.

My Personal Experiences with their Food:

I have had their Trappas wings with blue cheese dip, breaded calamari with garlic dip, salmon cakes with tangy orange, sourcream and cilantro, 8lb Sirloin with meat gravy, mashed potato, steamed mixed vegetables, jasmin rice, onion rings and grilled chicken breast with tomato pesto sauce. 

This weekend, I ordered salmon cakes with tangy orange, sourcream and cilantro and my appetizer, then carried on with grilled chicken breast with tomato pesto sauce and had the option of eating it with two sides. I chose, jasmin rice, onion rings and also ordered two servings of coconut smoothies (one to start the date and one to end the date). The plate containing two salmon cakes topped with tangy orange, sourcream and cilantro was gorgeous. I enjoyed every bite of these fluffy cakes and went as far as dipping them in my date’s blue cheese dip. I also nibbled on the slices of garlic bread what was placed between us. When the main course arrived, I immediately smelled the jasmin rice. It tasted as heavenly as it smelled. The onion rings were okay but I was not a fan of the grilled chicken breast with tomato pesto sauce. I wish it was more tender and moist. 

My date ate Trappas wings with blue cheese, creamy seafood pasta and two servings of Daiquiri. He enjoyed his meal and said that the creamy seafood pasta was well seasoned. For his second serving of Daiquiri, he requested that the bartender add more rum to the mix. He said that the additional rum made the drink perfect. 

My previous orders included Trappas wings with blue cheese dip, breaded calamari with garlic dip mashed potato, steamed mixed vegetables and 8lb Sirloin with meat gravy, mashed potato. I absolutely loved the appetizers. They were beautifully plated and were well seasoned and spiced. Even the dips were delicious. The entrĂ©e also looked stunning but I did not go “gaga” over the steak. It was not as tasty and moist as I would have liked but I did eat it with the two sides of steamed veg and mashed potato. 

To Conclude:
We both enjoyed our evening at Trappas Restaurant and Bar and would return. I encourage anyone who reads this review or who has ever heard of the restaurant to try their food at least once.

There weren’t much images in this post because I was on a date and wanted to enjoy more of the moment. 

Image Source for Menu