Dress: Similar

Kind of tired of seeing off-the-shoulder clothing. Kind of want to buy more off-the-shoulder clothing. 

A few years ago chiffon everything was everywhere. This lightweight fabric has great breathability thus making it perfect for countries with a warm climate, like my homeland, Antigua. However, I really wanted that trend to die down. Chiffon clothing are usually quite sheer and require an accompanying undershirt or vest if you wish to keep your undergarments hidden. In other words, I would have to purchase two tops per outfit because I would rather not have my hot pink braziers on display. A little later crop tops were ablaze. Crop tops are cute and I have quite a few but, I’d rather not have strictly crop tops in my wardrobe especially if I don’t have enough high waist-bottoms to pair with them. You know what I mean? Sometimes, the occasion requires a lengthy top. 

Now, off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are the scene. I was quite happy about it at first because I had bought an attractive off-the-shoulder top a few years earlier and the style was now in demand. But as I scroll through various websites and window shop in the town area, off-the-shoulders are all that I’m seeing and well…I’m tired of it. Whoops? The more I see them, the more I’m tempted to buy them, the more I’ll regret having bought so many when the weather gets cooler and it is no longer a hot topic. Though, current trends would not stop me from wearing what I bought 3 years ago. 

However, the fun thing about revolving trends is that they enables us to try different styles and switch up our looks ever so often. A new craze will start soon after one began so we won't have to stick in the same bubble forever. I’m, patiently waiting to see what is ahead in the world of trends. 

Can you count on one hand the number of off-the-shoulder clothing that you currently own?

Have you ever felt as if you've gone overboard with a trend?