After five mundane days of stress, I try my best to make the most of the weekend. More often than not, I choose to go deep in the shallow waters that surround this land – a natural stress reliever. This weekend, I mixed hot tea and made one of my favourite snacks, minced chicken patties then headed to the beach with my boyfriend. He ate all majority of the snacks and took majority of the photos that are in this post. 

We journyed through a short hike which took us to a large rock pool that was embedded in a landscape of solid rocks. It was beautiful and tranquil.

Showers of blessing fell heavily while we were there but it only added to the peace.

I’d rather not wait until the weekend to enjoy one day out of a seven day week but I can’t seem to think of ways to spice up my weekdays. Until I do, i'll continue to say yes to the weekend.

What did you do this weekend?