sight-seeing at Shirley's Heights, Antigua

It has been a while since I’ve felt this positive about the future. Up until now, I’ve felt as hopeless as a man chasing the wind with a fisherman’s boat and net. I’m finally moving forward…in my own way…with a little creep here and a crawl there. I’ve been accepted to an institute within my district that will grant me a degree after what seems to be a lifetime. It wasn’t among my top 10 places to study after high-school in fact, none of my recent accomplishments were a part of my original plan but I’m grateful for them. I’m now aware that I won’t get where I want to be in haste. I won’t be able to take the narrow route to the end. Instead, I will have to go around a few houses and trees and make a few minor stops along the way. It’s okay because I’ll learn more, gather souvenirs and leave my mark as I move along.

How have you been lately?

 sight-seeing at Devils Bridge