For a small island surrounded by nothing but water, a large spectrum of Antiguans would rather go down on a plane - like a champ - than to go down on a boat like Jack. I would prefer to not do any type of fatal descending.

I went aboard the Mystic catamaran by Tropical Adventures, Antigua and journeyed with an open bar, popular music, a bunch of jokers, and sunshine. Laying on a catamaran with sunshades and a broad hat handy is an adequate tranquilizer much like reading on a seaside on a weekday. I fell fast asleep after having an energy bursting swim (when the boat dropped anchor near a beach) and lunch. Friends of friends had their way with my plate of food when I turned my face to the sky. They laughed and blamed it on a group of seagulls but my growling stomach prompted me to go to the serving area for a second round of food. Should it be considered a second round or a first round replacement? Note to self, eat breakfast and walk with snacks.

I barely used my camera or felt the need to pose in front of one. Life is worth living in the moment.

Do you like catamarans?