Devil's Bridge, Antigua

I felt sick for weeks before I realized that my body was in need of a break. If you’ve been feeling out of sorts lately, your body is probably telling you the same thing.

1. Snack breaks and Water breaks

I felt a million times better the moment I began to utilize my employee allotted snack/water breaks. 

A part from  part your primary lunch hour, it is essential that you consume a light snack and drink water during the course of the day. This will give you the energy needed to for you to stay alert until your lunch hour arrives and it will limit your desire to eat a giant serving of food during your lunch. 

2. Bathroom breaks

Whatever you’re doing can wait until you relieve yourself. Bathroom breaks are free but doctor visits and prescriptions are not. 

3. Holidays and vacation

Work was here before you were born and work will be there long after you leave. You cannot kill work but work can kill you.

Holidays and vacations are absolutely important. Dedicated employees who go above and beyond their line of duty are admirable. However, you must take leisure time to recuperate and spend time with loved ones. A company will quicker replace an employee that fell sick due to neglect than an employee who is on vacation. 

4. Weekend getaways

Weekend getaways can feel like mini vacations if you do it right. 

Every once in a while, surround yourself with strangers in unusual places. You will easily forget about your other life while you attempt to adapt to the sudden change. Go alone or with a few family and or friends. Make memories that will cheer you up on lonesome days. 

The body will either take what it needs or force the host to give it what it needs…whatever the cost. 

Are you in need of a break?