Passing showers of rain poured out heavily that morning and I was convinced that he believed that his birthday would be tragic as per usual. My hopes were high regardless of the current weather because we would be spending the day from 9am to 6pm at the Halcyon Cove Hotel.

The breakfast buffet was ready and waiting after we checked in. The dining room was cosy with an outdoors feeling because it was situated above ground level and there were no windows to obstruct the view of the nearby beach. For breakfast, I had omelettes, French toast, seared fish, pumpkin fritters. pumpkin bread, a Danish then washed it down with hot chocolate and orange juice. My boyfriend had an omelette, ham sausage, pancakes, pumpkin fritters, pumpkin bread, muffin, a Danish, tea and orange juice. I loved that the omelettes were prepared right in front of us. The menu also included, sliced ham, cheese, a cereal station, a juice station, a bread station, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, and a variety of jams and jellies.

After we had our fill at breakfast, the rain clouds disappeared so we headed to the shore where we spent our day. Some hotel guests were doing their coordinated morning exercises in the pool, while others lay on beach chairs or swam. One thing led to another and we found ourselves playing a game with some of the other guests for a chance to win a bottle of wine or Champaign. We actually won a bottle.

The shoreline situated directly in front of the hotel was rather quiet and peaceful but when we decided to take a stroll further along the beach, we saw huts with hats, jewellery and trinkets and a number of individuals offering motorized and non-motorized water activities. There were also signs set up to advertise massages but I could not pinpoint the location of a masseuse. It wasn’t long before we signed up for jet-skiing. After a brief lesson on how to operate the vehicle, my boyfriend took control while I held on to him for dear life. The splashes of water coupled with the gusts of breeze which passed over our bodies as we zoomed back and forth across the water was exhilarating. We must have been doing that nonstop for 30 to 40 minutes while we talked and laughed out of bliss.
Lunch was served at the food station by the beach and drinks were available at the bar. Burgers, rice, hotdogs, salads and chicken were offered that day. We both had fries and hotdogs with our choice of drinks then rested on the shore once more.

It was time for a swim in the beach. While we were soaking in the cool water, a group of men made their way alongside us. Judging from their accents, we believed they may have been a Trinidadian cricket team because cricket matches were being held a few days prior. After they left the beach they did exercises in the pool. This further led us to believe that our assumption was true.
High tea was served at 4pm at a restaurant upon the sea. It had a long ramp which connected it to the beach. It was always a fascinating building to behold and I have always wished to eat there. The restaurant was lovely and the view was stunning. I could only imagine how astonishing the atmosphere might have been at sunset. Cookies, sandwiches and cups of tea were displayed for our delight.

He felt very welcomed during our time at the Halcyon Hotel. The staff and guests often wrapped us in conversations and encouraged us to join in the fun activities that were available. Most of all, my boyfriend was given many birthday greetings. I would have liked if there was a larger variety of food available that day but overall, we both enjoyed our visit to the Halcyon Hotel.