Though I haven’t had this blog “The Girl on the Tamarind Hill” for much time, I have been blogging for some years now. What I’ve learnt throughout the process is that self-expression through writing, fashion and photography is important to me. Blogging eases my mood and I am incredibly satisfied after I upload a new post. 

If you are new to the blogosphere, follow these tips if you want to become a true Blogger:

1. Compare yourself and your blog to other blogs and bloggers (especially the blogs which have loads  of followers and comments).
2. Spend oodles of money (kill your savings account) on products and clothing that you can review. This way, you will feel like you are fitting in with the other beauty and fashion bloggers although they don’t buy all of the products that they review.
3. Ask yourself these questions before you write or upload a post. “Will anyone read my post?” “Will this post make me famous?” “Would Blogger X, Y and Z write something like this?” 
4. Feature every brand that sends you a request via email. Don’t worry if their email was static, if they didn’t try so spell your blog’s name correctly or if their products have nothing to do with your blog. 
5. Stamp loads of ads on your blog and place countless referral links in your blog posts.
6. Try to be everyone but yourself. 

This of course, is satire.

These tips are actually the best way for someone to lose interest in their blog and quit completely. Trust me. 

Honestly, I’ve been sitting in front of this laptop for what feels like an eternity. My goal? To write a blog post that will capture readers and have them coming back for more. I found myself reflecting on all the thought provoking posts that I read over the past week. I remembered the amazing high quality images of reviews, blogger journeys and personal style posts. I wanted to upload something just as marvellous. Naturally, I couldn’t think of a damn thing. I convinced myself that I was not capable of writing something as amazing as what those other bloggers wrote. In an attempt to fix my mood, I had to give myself a hard mental slap then repeated the following “Blog and stop trying to be a Blogger!” 

Though I may not know the full details of their stories, I am aware that some bloggers blog as a profession while others are hobbyists who were lucky enough to build a large readership and successful band through their unique voice. I use the word unique because we are all different in our own way and that should inevitably reflect on our blogs. This was all made clear to me just last year. It was then that I realized that my approach to blogging was based on what I had seen on the surface. I was trying to be a Blogger as oppose to just blogging for my enjoyment. This was the main reason why I had lost interest in my previous blog and blogging in general. 

Unfortunately, at this very moment, my pay cheque doesn’t allow me to set a large budget for blogging so instead of putting my hat where my hand can’t reach, I’ll write reviews and personal style posts when I am able to. Instead of forcing myself to upload whatever comes to mind daily, join Pinterest and drop my posts on Stumbleupon, as suggested by those “How to Blog” online articles, I’ll take my time and use methods that are convenient for me because no two horse run the same. This is my space and of course I’m not writing for an empty stage but I’d rather acquire readers who visit this blog because they have an interest in what I have to say not what someone else would have said on their blog.

A blog is more valuable when readers realize that the blogger knows that their voice is valuable.