It's a shame. Growing up, we have been taught to be established slaves with corporate identities - dependent on another man's profits to buy our daily bread.

"Get good grades so that a major company will hire you dear."
"I will mother dearest."

20 years later, you're binge watching some show you found on Netflix at 2:00 p.m. because you have a Masters Degree and refuse to move until you get a "real" job that suits your educational achievements. Unfortunately for you, the banks and hospitals are overstaffed. The unemployed await the day that the government falls into money and create employment opportunities. Meanwhile, the government pushes its people to be more proactive while they boast about their plans to create seasonal jobs that require their workers to bend over backwards for a tip.

It may have occurred when I acquired my first job or perhaps it happened before, when I was a student intern. But, ever since then, I have been obsessed with the thought of owning my own business. For years, I've gone to sleep fueled with the hopes that one day I would be able to express myself through a service that will benefit others and the nation that I call my home. One day, I changed my Whatsapp status to "Busy building an empire." Later, I received a message from one of my contacts. It read, "What empire?" followed by the laughing emoji.

That incident was as disheartening as the day that I was laughed at (by someone who I considered to be a friend) because I said that I wanted to purchase a used Toyota RAV 4. According to them, the idea was laughable because it was impossible for me to afford one with my current salary.

If you had ever been in such a situation, you would understand just how much words can damage someone's outlook on life. For a moment, it was as if my goals were a child's foolish fantasy.

I've written a lot above and thought that by now, I would have figured out what I should do when others laugh at my plans but I am playing with my pen while I gaze at a half empty bowl of food. Wait...why did I think the bowl was half empty instead of half full? That is the problem and the answer. When they laugh, I can do nothing more than continue my efforts towards accomplishing my goals.

Do not work to prove them wrong. Be positive and work to prove yourself right for having a dream in the first place.