The wide brim hat that has gotten me through the hottest beach days blocked my peripheral vision and lowered my sense of awareness yesterday as I trailed the path leading to and from the Pillars of Hercules. As a result, I hit my head on some rocks and branches and lived to feel the stinging pains. Of course, I had to remove my mobile shade before I knocked myself unconscious then rolled into the mouth of a giant whale. But, God knows I live for those adventurous days.

It’s summer in the year 2017, I’m broke as hell, my main sources of transportation are on the fritz and…well…nothing is going as I expected but, my closest friends have returned from their studies and I no longer feel like I need to be a millionaire to enjoy myself. We have spent quality, personal time away from major crowds and our budget so far has been $30.00 E.C. yet, I am fond of the memories I have made and captured in the last few weeks.

I know, I sound pretty old but I believe that there is a time for fast paced new aged living and a time when stepping back into black and white is the only way to avoid going crazy because forcing yourself to fit into the current fancies of life isn’t a task that lacks consequences.

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Boss the wondering beach dog