Social media has a way of conveniently spreading doubt, fear, and other forms of negativity with ease. Although I believe that their various appraisal methods are addictive and has disrupted our ability to interact (face-to-face) with normality, I do believe that it plays a great role in providing ease of mind, educating the masses and improving a trader's skill. I shied away from Instagram and Facebook for many years due to a self-conscious mindset but as time went on, I saw the benefits that they bestowed upon me since I decided to "post a little more".

Lately, every aspect of my life has been in utter shambles. It feels like I'm acting out a never-ending saga of unfortunate events from the time I wake to the time I rest. The story does not feel like it will have a Twilight type of happy ending and the start and middle are not entertaining at all...just depressing. It is hard to be optimistic and honestly, I cannot recall the last time that I have had a laugh so good that it left me gasping for air. I cannot recall the last time that I genuinely kept my hopes up without any regret.

However, the dim mood has been my biggest push to improve in the areas that I value the most. Nowadays, my greatest pleasures come from spending time in my own space after working hours and on the weekends. I take photographs upon photographs and practice using photo editing software. I'm able to construct ideas with my personal ideals without seeking acceptance from a lover or permission from a supervisor. There's so much freedom. Then, I eagerly decorate an online page with these works. I have no knowledge of how onlookers may perceive them or if they would care to take a second look but I love knowing that no one company or person will fall apart if they decide to drop a like or keep scrolling. The entire process is the most perfect distraction from the revolving chaos.

What has been my latest motivator towards perfecting my craft? The answer is nothing more than a thumbs up or emoji, a basic passerby comment, an informative critique and a casual follow. You see, social media websites are man-made tools that can be used to reap many benefits depending on how the user decides to manipulate them.